Do you remember…?

You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.

Sailing up the New England coast and into Maine, I am reminded of the old adage “If you want to know what the weather is like, just wait a minute.” It’s true that the weather in the sea can change in a moment’s notice; one’s senses become attuned to the scent of shifting winds.

I have also been in relationship with people who live their lives much the same way…a dark mood takes hold for no apparent reason, casting a pall on the space and the day. While Mother Nature has her way with the weather, we as humans have a choice as well. We can allow external forces to dictate our behavior or we can decide who we would like to be in every moment of every day.

Have you noticed how you remember what the weather was like on certain days, like on your wedding day or your birthday? Our memories can be very powerful, indeed. Have you ever asked yourself how you would like to be remembered at the end of today? More importantly, how would you like to be remembered “at the end of the day?” You can begin this moment to become the person that you would like to be remembered by…to your loved ones and to the world. The choices you make every minute of every day will shape how you will be remembered. Begin today to create your best legacy.

by Mary Lotto Ross