About Mary

View More: http://cedricterrell.pass.us/marylottorossMy passion is helping seasoned individuals thrive in transition and become their very best selves, in life, relationship and business. I am a serial entrepreneur and I have learned to thrive through my own life challenges, including breast cancer, divorce, remarriage and step-parenthood, bankruptcy, temporary blindness and the deaths of a parent and a sibling. My life experiences have taught me wisdom, compassion for the human condition and faith in mankind’s ability to heal and grow.

I am a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation and one of the most rigorous life and leadership coaching programs in the world. As a member of ICF, I employ ICF best practices and core competencies into my practice. Our conversations are held in the strictest confidence and usually take place by phone or Skype/Facetime. I am also available to meet in person in the DC area.

We focus on topics such as discovering the art of self-love, maintaining health and well-being and mastering the skills necessary for personal reinvention. I provide the support structure, accountability and encouragement to assist them in moving through life changes with increased confidence and vigor.

I coach my clients with an abundance of candor, curiosity and kindness, with just a pinch of sass.  I believe that happiness is a choice, attitude is everything and joy is an inside job. I embrace new beginnings and believe that change creates excitement and great opportunity for growth.  I am certain that letting go of the past allows the magnificence of our future to unfold.

I will partner with you in clarifying your goals, clearing away the roadblocks preventing you from reaching those goals and point out your blind spots. I will encourage new behaviors, support you in designing success-building action plans and hold you accountable for your decisions. Most importantly, I will listen and provide feedback and perspective throughout the entire process.

To see how coaching might serve you, call to schedule a complimentary 30 minute introductory consultation.

I’ve worked with several coaches before finding Mary. Here is an example of how much she has helped me: Recently, I was thrown into an untenable situation with a senior political appointee. I was reeling and couldn’t see a way forward. I thought my career was over. After listening to me vent, Mary helped me discover a positive solution where I could see none and helped me script a way to get to my desired result. As a result of her expert coaching, I addressed the challenge head-on and came through the situation with not only my job intact, but I was offered an even better job by someone who appreciated the professional manner in which I addressed the situation.

—MS, Sr. Executive Service Professional
Stuttgart, Germany

I want you to know how helpful you have been to me as I struggled to sort out my life over the past few months. What helped me so much was to see my life through your eyes. Since you are a coach and not a psychologist you weren’t constrained by the need to draw me out and let me hear myself talk about myself ad nauseam.

JS, Musician

Mary helped me gain a stronger awareness of my strengths and how to channel those attributes into a win-win situation at work.

AC, Washington, DC

I want you to know that I’m enormously grateful to you for sharing your thoughts, your perspectives, your warmth, your humor. You’ve helped me find a new life.

—JT, Entrepreneur, MD